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Caldeyro Workshop was born by the year 1970, teaching, desining and producing decorative crafts. It was founded by an exceptional artist, Maruja Mañé of Caldeyro and it has developed now into its third generation.

Throughout this time we have worked and perfected various techniques, Florentine Art, gold leaf, polychrome patinas, polished wood and paint, painting and pottery under glaze, works in silver, tin and brass, leather work, work pasta, Peruvian art, Cajamarca.

Our work is based on the constant search for new designs, development and mix of different techniques, research on colors and textures, so that our products have a difference in quality in view of the existence of a saturated market because of mass production.

We have developed our own models having a batch productin and always incorporating handmade details that make each product have the stamp of exclusivity.

We sell our products directly through our own sotre with our brand and exclusive boutiques. We export the products to Argentina, Paraguay, Chile, Bolivia, Brazil, USA, Spain, Italy.

In 2007 we received the award to innovation and export development, awarded by the Union of Exporters of Uruguay and the Banco de la Republica Oriental del Uruguay, Micro and Small Enterprise Category exports.